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Customize straight edge sun shade sail with grommets, custom shape, custom size and custom color available
  • Custom Commercial grade quality sunshade sails no competitor can beat. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing, economical option for shade, reducing heat, blocking the sun, and protection against harmful UV rays. Easily attach to any sturdy connection point (posts, walls, trees, pergolas, fascia’s, lanais, etc.) for instant sun protection. It is a safer way to enjoy the outdoor experience without the danger of skin damage caused by UV sun rays. Easily cool off in the sun under a sail, you can feel up to 20 degrees cooler when standing under it. Pulled tight and attached to something strong enough, they can withstand most weather season after season. (Not recommended for snow loads) We have two different quality materials to choose from to fit your budget. We offer a wide selection of colors to match any décor or create any look! Stated size is a nominal measurement from corner ring to corner ring under tension Customization is available, making it possible to order whatever size and shape you need! straight edge with grommets

Customize straight edge sun shade sail with grommets, custom shape, custom size and custom color available

Customize GSM for Straight edge Shade Sail with grommets:
GSM 180
GSM 180
GSM 260
Customize Dimension for straight edge shade sail with grommets
Note: please check the comments below to get the price

Width <= Length <BR> the custom size larger than 20 feet currently NOT AVailable for COLOR: RED and ORANGE

Customize Colors for straight edge shade sail with grommets:
Light grey
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Product Application


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Color Options:

Red, blue, Green, brown, orange, turquoise, beige, light grey, or yellow


Shape options

 Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid, Polygon


Webbing Shade Sail Custom size availability


We do not recommend nylon webbing shade sails for triangles larger than 25 feet, due to wind resistance and the heaviness of the fabric, any triangle size that exceeds 25 feet we suggest a cable shade sail



Curved or straight sun shade sail?


We recommend ordering curved sun shade sails if you plan on hanging your sail from just the corners. Sails are intentionally designed with concaved sides to make it easier to create tension and get your sail taut. If you choose to order a straight edge sail and intend to only hang it from the corners, your sail will be at risk of sagging.


We recommend ordering a straight edge sail if you intend to have your sail sit on top of a framing or cover of some sort, such as a pergola. Applications where the sail will have support underneath it works best with straight edge sun shade sails.


Buyers may also choose to design their sail to have a combination of both straight edge and curved edge



D-Ring/Grommet Installation

You have the option of customizing the location and/or angle of the D-rings or copper buckles. Please let us know if you would like to have the D rings or grommets installed at a specified angle.


UV Block/Vision Block

Manufactured from HD Polyethylene with UV Protection, durable enough to withstand long time outdoor use in the sun.  You can choose from 2 different qualities of material, also known as “GSM,” grams per square meter referring to the weight and thickness of the fabric.  Our screens provide >85-95% UV blockage and vision blockage from sun rays, which helps create privacy, shading, and prevent heat buildup.



UV Blockage

Visibility blockage








Fabric: HDPE Polyethylene Material

GSM: 180 and 220

Construction: Knitted

Tensile strength:  50 cN/tex

Specific Gravity 0.89 - 0.96 g/cm

UV Blockage:  > 90%

Water Permeable:     Yes

Water Absorption:  0.005-0.01

Wind Blockage:   50% - 70%

Material Break Strength:   400LBS/ft

Crystalline Melt Point:       120 C - 180 c / 248F – 356 F

Composition of UV Inhibitor Yes

Flammable:  Yes

Fire Resistance:  None

Reflective Rate:   Black 13% -15% /white 85%-90%

Acidity and Alkalinity Resistant:    Yes

Temperature Range:   -20C to 55C / -4F - 131F

Mildew Resistant: Yes

Material Specs




180gram/sq. Ft

220 gram/sq. Ft

UV Blockage



Visibility Blockage



Windspeed Sustainability

35 mph winds

45 mph winds

Life Expectancy

3-5 Years

5-7 Years

Limited Warranty

3 Years

5 years

Delivery time frame

1-2 weeks

1-2 weeks

Sthe windspeeds noted above only occasionally, not for long durations of time. If you live in a windy area that consistently has winds higher than 35 MPH we suggest you order a cable shade sail.


Limited Warranty

We require proof of purchase and a photo of the product that determines it is damaged or unusable to file a warranty claim. Warranty cannot be honored without proof of purchase and photo of the used item, we ask that you please retain these records. Our policy warrants against manufacture defects, such as improper stitching, faulty grommets/D-rings, or premature fraying or deterioration of the fabric. This warranty does not cover parts that are subject to normal wear and tear, such as stretching or color fade. Color fade is inevitable from exposure to UV rays with all polymer materials and the material will also inevitably stretch over time as tension is created. This warranty does not cover additional costs associated with installation, such as hired labor. Nor does it include vandalism, theft, or loss of product.

Please note, this warranty does not cover damage from improper storage conditions, improper care/cleaning, or misuse. In addition, the following will void the subject warranty:

  • Damage to the product caused by landscape or      gardening equipment, corrosive or other chemicals, and/or high pressure or      high mineral content water sprayers or sprinklers

  • Damage to the product due to, sand storms,      constant salt water spray or immersion, pets, animals, vandalism, or other      sources not related to the initial manufacturing

  • Damage due to high wind, gusting to 40 mph or      greater regardless of duration

  • Damage caused by plants (or vegetation of any      sort) growing directly upon or in contact with any portion of the product,      as well as sap from trees

  • Any alteration or modification to the product      itself, including any on-site cutting or taping and/or failure to follow      all maintenance instructions

  • Damage to the product due to improper      installation, such as failure to securely tie the screen

  • Damage due to severe acts of nature. The warranty      is only valid under normal weather usage. The warranty does not extend to      damage caused by severe storms, natural disasters, or lightening.

This limited warranty guarantees your product for a period from the original date of purchase for a redemption method solely at our discretion. Upon approval of the warranty claim, we will determine your redemption through issuance of a replacement, pro-rated credit, or repair. We reserve the right to inspect material to determine the validity of any claim, which may require the original purchaser to return the product.

Limits of Liability

We will not be held liable to you or any other party for any damages or additional costs that result from the failure of this product. For example, lost profits, lost savings, damage to other equipment or materials, and incidental or consequential damages arising from the use, or inability to use this product or weather conditions that are not considered normal weather. In no event will be liable for more than the amount of your purchase price, not to exceed the current list price of the product, and excluding tax, shipping and handling charges. We have the right to disclaim any other warranties, express or implied. By installing or using the product, the user accepts all terms described herein.


Our shade sails are the perfect shade solution for backyard decks, plant shade , patios, pools, play areas, camping, pergolas, lanais, or any place shade is needed!


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